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Nov 3, 2013 10:30am EST
insurance cancelled because it does not meet the standards of obama care. i liked my insurance, now i'm being forced to sign up for something that will be way more expensive. as a single mom self employed, i'm worried about how i'm going to pay my bills. i hope you have a mechanism to track who these people are. she's not eligible for other subsidies, but the costs are going to be driving her down. >> sir, again, i would suggest there is no requirement that any of those consumers sign up for a plan suggested by their company at a higher price. they have now options. >> but if a plan changes -- >> health underwriting, without preexisting conditions, with some guarantees around -- >> she's searching around and she can't find a plan she could afford. she can't find a plan she can afford. >> gentleman's time expired. gentleman from north carolina, mr. butterfield. >> mr. chairman, before my time begins, i have a parliamentary inquiry. >> go ahead. >> mr. chairman, i'm always sympathetic to committee decorum and i want to ask unanimous consent to display the democratic twitter handle. >> g
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1